Seeking a holiday or Christmas eCard?

Seeking a holiday or Christmas eCard?

Start customizing your own Christmas eCard right now - it’s easy to get started.

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Understand how eCards2Go pricing works

Understand how our pricing works

Control your marketing spend. We cater for all budgets with two costs.

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Why you should choose eCards2Go

Why should you choose ecards2go?

We specialize in high quality corporate eCards used by businesses all over the world.

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eCards2go Unbeatable Customer Service & Support

Unbeatable Customer Service & Support

Our customer service staff are available to help ensure your campaign is a success.

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Seeking a corporate holiday or christmas ecard for your business?

Seeking a corporate holiday or christmas ecard for your business?

Create your own account and start customizing your corporate Christmas eCard immediately!

Creating an account allows you to customize and test eCards so your settings will automatically be saved. Don’t worry, we won’t spam you! Your account allows you to come back later and refine your eCard without needing to start the whole process again.

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Understand how our corporate eCard pricing works

how our pricing works

Control your marketing spend.
We cater for all budgets with two costs.

There are two costs for our corporate eCards:

1. You pay a once-off fee for the eCard. This is the dollar value specified above each eCard and is generally between $20 and $50. This allows you to customize the eCard and you can use it indefinitely.

2. Purchase credits to cover the number of recipients in your email list. If you have 500 recipients in your list then you need to purchase 500 credits. Credits can also be used across multiple campaigns (eg: a Christmas and Birthday campaign running simultaneously).

It’s that simple!

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Why choose eCards2Go for your corporate eCards?

Why should you choose eCards2Go?

We specialize in high quality corporate eCards used by businesses all over the world.

There are many advantages to our online marketing system that set us apart from our competitors.

1. Our corporate eCards display on all devices; desktop computers, all smartphones and tablets. Every one of our animated eCards are iPhone and iPad friendly.

2. We are the only corporate eCard provider that allows personalization of your messages within each individual animated eCard. This means you can personalize the eCard with your recipient’s name and you can also write an individual message on every eCard.

3. We specialize in corporate eCards for business, not consumer eCards. Businesses expect a high level of quality and with this in mind we have developed some of the highest quality eCard animations available. Our corporate eCards are creative, one-of-a-kind designs and we aim for a high level of professionalism with every new eCard released.

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Why choose eCards2Go for your corporate eCards?

Unbeatable Customer Service
and Support

Our customer service staff are available to help ensure your campaign is a success.

We are not a faceless, automated website that leaves you to figure it out alone.

We have real people behind our system and our customer service staff are always more than happy to help you with your campaign or answer any questions you have along the way.

Do you have a specific request or unique requirement for your business campaign? Just ask us and we’ll see how we can help!

If you have a question or need help with something just contact us via our contact page and you'll always receive a response within a timely manner.

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Corporate eCards for Business


What our clients are saying about eCards2Go corporate eCards for business

Corporate eCards for Business

Our animated corporate eCards work beautifully on all mobiles and tablets thanks to some very fancy technology.

We are proud of the fact that every desktop computer, tablet and mobile device, including iPhones and iPads, can view all of our animated eCards. Our corporate eCards are animated using Adobe Flash and further developed to utilize the latest in HTML5 technology. This simply means that all our animated eCards can be viewed in all their lovely animated glory on every desktop, mobile tablet & smartphone including iPhones and iPads.


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Can animated eCards be viewed on mobile devices and tablets?

Our unique system detects if the eCard recipient has a Flash plug-in installed and if not (ie. iPhone or iPad user) they will be sent the HTML5 version of the animated eCard. We are very proud to offer this advanced Flash/HTML5 technology and are dedicated to the continual development of our system to ensure our animated eCards will always be viewable on all desktops and mobile devices.


Why send corporate holiday eCards?

Corporate holiday eCards are an engaging, memorable way to thank your clients for their patronage without the hard sell of traditional marketing techniques. Why send a boring standard paper card when you can send your clients a beautiful animated business holiday ecard with a personalized message? Our easy to use company holiday e-card system allows you to control all aspects of your campaign including your message, music, website link and the date you wish to send out your ecards.

Have you left your holiday greetings until the last minute? No problem! Send a corporate holiday greeting ecard, they're instant and cost effective.

Are company holiday eCards an economic alternative to traditional paper Christmas cards?

From a business point of view corporate holiday e-cards offer a far more measureable form of ROI than traditional paper cards as you can measure the success by analysing the statistics for the number of reads and clickthru’s for your holiday ecard campaign. Business holiday ecards are far more progressive than paper cards and leave a miniscule carbon footprint. Corporate ecards are also perfect for last minute season’s greetings as they can be sent out instantaneously right up until the day of the event.

What type of companies send company holiday eCards?

No matter what type of business or where in the world your company is located you can use our corporate ecard system to send company ecards to your clients. Whether you’re sending a corporate Christmas ecard, business holiday ecard, company event invite ecard, client or employee birthday ecards, our service operates 24-7, 365 days a year.

You can create and edit your corporate e-card campaigns at any time via your control panel in your account. We have corporate e card clients from all over the world including the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Russia, Brazil, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan and China just to name a few. Our corporate holiday eCards have received some great reviews.


What type of events can you use corporate eCards for?

Corporate e-cards for business can be used for any company or seasonal event, to send egreetings or an invite for a special date. We offer high quality animated ecard selections including company Christmas ecards, happy new year ecards, happy birthday ecards for business, employee birthday ecards, company anniversary ecards, company event invite ecards, membership renewal ecards and more.

Improve employee loyalty or let your clients know you care by sending them a business birthday e-card. Create a corporate event invite with a link to an RSVP landing page. Send a company thanksgiving ecard to offer your clients well wishes. Send a corporate egreeting card at Christmas time to thank your clients for their support throughout the year and advise of office closure times, the possibilities for B2B e-cards are endless.

Are business eCards viewable on iPads and iPhones?

Our company holiday e-cards for business are revolutionary in that they are customizable animated ecards that can be viewed on all devices. We use a combination of Flash and HTML5 technology to deliver a seamless experience for users of any device. Our HTML5 business eCards are cutting-edge and allow full customization of your message in the animation which is a feature unique to eCards2Go corporate eCards.

Our eCards are iPad and iPhone-friendly, allowing customizable messages within the eCard animation itself.

You can personalize all of your individual eCards "Dear Name" and if you wish to have a more personal touch, you can also include a personalized message in every individual ecard.

How are eCards for business different to personal eCards?

Our eCards for business are sophisticated animations designed with business to business eCard marketing in mind. Our business eCard illustrations and animations are some of the highest quality available and utilize advanced technology to allow our eCards to be viewable on all devices including desktop computers, all mobile tablets and smartphones.

Our company e cards allow businesses to upload their logo or brand graphic into the system, customize the eCard text, select music and have a click-through link on the eCard. Recipients can click through to your website or landing page, allowing you to create targeted pages to improve your conversions and ROI.

We have invested significant resources into developing a catalogue of the very best B2B eCards, using both Flash and HTML5 technology to ensure your business e card represents your company in a professional light.

Our costs are competitive so why risk your business image on a cheap or free alternative? You always get what you pay for and your clients will appreciate your professional choice when you send an eCards2Go corporate eCard.


Can I add a link to my website from my corporate holiday e-card?

Yes! When you customize your chosen company holiday ecard you can specify a link to be added to the text and logo on your ecard. This link can be anything – a link to your website, an article, a social media page or you can go a step further and develop a landing page with a specific message, call to action or request for information. All of this adds to the user experience and provides better measurements for your campaign’s success.

Can I use my own music in my holiday greeting eCard?

We have a fantastic selection of high quality corporate holiday e-card music however if you have a specific tune you wish to use then we can quote to create a custom version of your ecard. Please note extra cost will apply.

How are corporate eCards sent out?

Flash and HTML5 animated ecards cannot be emailed directly so an email is sent to your recipient with a link to click to view the animated eCard in a browser. Our corporate eCard system allows you to upload your email list or enter contact details one at a time and then “blast” your ecard campaign to your recipients in one batch or schedule different ecards to be sent on different dates (such as birthdays). Your recipients are sent an attractive HTML email with a personalized message and link to click to view your animated corporate ecard online.