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Customize your Christmas eCard in a few easy steps - select one of our professional Chistmas eCards.

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Want the freedom of an unlimited licence?

Get unlimited usage rights to share your eCard without any restrictions.

An unlimited usage licence offers flexibility
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How does eCards2Go work?

We've kept the process simple with only a few basic steps to get you started.

Getting started is quick and easy
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Perfect for last minute greetings!

Set your campaign up in under 15 minutes - perfect for last minute Christmas greetings!

Set up is quick for last minute Christmas eCards

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How does eCards2go work?

Here are the basic steps to get you started. We’ve kept the process as simple as possible.

  1. Browse our eCard Collections.
  2. Create your account, it’s free to create your account, customise and test unlimited eCards. Create your account here.
  3. Customize your eCard (add your logo, text, choose your music and preview it).
  4. Test your eCard and upload your recipient list.
  5. Blast your ecards!

To read the full details of all these steps please click here.

Christmas eCards for Business

Our Christmas eCards are created for business use so every eCard is ultra stylish, modern and finished with great care and attention to detail.

Our festive Christmas eCards for business collection and more generic Holiday eCards for Business collections are crafted by our professional designers and illustrators with new eCards added regularly.

Your clients and business colleagues will love receiving their corporate Christmas eCard. They're a fun, unique way to extend your marketing reach and encourage customer interaction with your business.

We invite you to have a look at our corporate Christmas eCard and business Holiday eCard collections to find your perfect eCard - we're confident that we have some of the best corporate Christmas eCards available today!

Business eCards Pricing

What does it cost?

We've kept our pricing simple so it's easy to understand

You pay a once-off fee for use of an eCard (you’ll notice each eCard has a price specified above it) PLUS purchase enough credits to cover the number of recipients in your list.

It’s that easy!

View pricing details including descriptions of "credits" and "views".

Don't leave it until the last minute!

The best view rates are achieved on campaigns sent a week or more before Christmas

We have clients who send their Christmas eCards out as early as mid November! From our experience the ideal time to send your eCards out is in the first or second week of December when people haven’t left on their holiday leave.

It's never too early to send your Card!

Want the freedom of an unlimited licence?

Unlimited sends / views with no need to purchase credits

  • Would you prefer not to be bound by having to buy credits to cover your recipients?
  • Do you have a large number of recipients?
  • Do you have multiple staff members needing to send out to their own contact list?
  • Do you want to post your eCard on social media and not have to worry about how many credits it will use?
  • Do you want to make some changes to the eCard such as placement of elements, change your logo size or colours in the animation?
  • Would you prefer to host the eCard yourself?

If yes, then an unlimited licence is your best option. We will prepare the animation and files for you so there is complete flexibility to make any customised changes to your eCard for a reasonable cost.

Contact us now for unlimited licence pricing.

Business eCards Multiple Users

Do you have multiple staff wanting to send eCards?

This is a common request and we offer 2 solutions

1. We create multiple staff accounts for you with individual logins to send eCards through our system.

2. You can purchase an unlimited licence allowing your staff to use their own email program.

Contact us to discuss these options.

Want to blast your eCard from your own email software?

This is not a problem!

We can supply everything you need to send your eCard campaign from your Outlook program or any 3rd party email software like Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor. You’ll still be required to purchase sufficient credits to cover the number of recipients you intend to send to.

Alternatively, you can buy an unlimited licence and then send to unlimited recipients without needing to worry about buying and topping up your credits.

Please contact us to discuss unlimited licencing options.

Want to host your eCard on your own domain?

Sure, we can set your eCard up on your own website.

This can add a bespoke quality to your campaign and trust that will improve your views when recipients notice the eCard is hosted on your site rather than a 3rd party site. We can even add your Google analytics code to the page at no extra cost so you’ll have all the view stats on hand.

Please contact us to discuss hosting on your own domain.

Best business ecards

Why should you choose eCards2Go?

We specialize in high quality corporate eCards used by businesses all over the world.

There are many advantages to our online marketing system that set us apart from our competitors.

1. Our corporate eCards display on desktop computers, smartphones and tablets. Our animated eCards are iPhone and iPad friendly.

2. You can write a personalized message in the eCard animation for each and every recipient. You have complete control over how much personalization you'd like to use.

3. We specialize in corporate eCards for business, not consumer eCards. Businesses expect a high level of quality and with this in mind we have developed some of the highest quality eCard animations available. Our corporate eCards are creative, one-of-a-kind designs and we aim for a high level of professionalism with every new eCard released.

Register now to start customizing eCards View our Business eCard Collection

Business eCards offer a great return-on-investment and will support your digital marketing efforts.

Business eCards

Unbeatable Customer Service and Support

Our customer service staff are available to help ensure your campaign is a success.

We are not a faceless, automated website that leaves you to figure it out alone.

We have real people behind our system and our customer service staff are always more than happy to help you with your campaign or answer any questions you have along the way.

Do you have a specific request or unique requirement for your business campaign? Just ask us and we’ll see how we can help! If you have a question or need help with something just contact us via our contact page and you'll always receive a response within a timely manner.

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