Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are animated eCards sent to my recipients?

Animated HTML5 files cannot be sent via email, therefore the animated eCard itself is hosted on a webpage. You send a branded, personalised HTML email to your recipients with a link to view the eCard. When your recipients receive the email and click the link a browser will open and play the animated eCard.

2. How is my brand incorporated within my eCard campaign?

Your company logo and personalized message will be included within the eCard animation, providing a professional finish your overall campaign. You can even place a link on your logo within the animation and preview your eCard prior to sending it out. The system accepts .jpeg .gif and .png logo formats. If you would like to upload your logo with a transparent background then you can use a .png or .gif with a transparent background and it will look seamless in the animation. You can crop, resize and repositon your logo in the eCard using the tools provided. If you have any trouble or require help formatting or uploading/editing your logo please contact and we’d be happy to assist.

Your logo and a personalized message will also appear on the initial email sent to your recipients so they can easily identify that the email has been sent from your company. The email can be personalised "Dear [name]" and displays a brief message and image of your eCard to encourage recipients to click to view your eCard in a web browser.

3. Can I have different messages on the eCard, for different recipients?

Yes! When setting up your campaign you have the following options for the message on your eCard:

  • Use a generic, unpersonalized message. In this case all recipients will see the same message on the eCard and it will not be personalized by name, OR,
  • Use a generic, personalized message. In this case all recipients will see the same message on the eCard however you can include Dear <name> on the eCard for a personal touch, OR,
  • Use a customized message for every individual recipient. In this case you will include a different message for each recipient in your CSV email list file. Once uploaded, our system will serve each recipient their own customized message, the possibilties are endless.

Each of the above options is available at the same cost. There are detailed instructions during the eCard customization process to help you along the way.

4. Can I perform multiple blasts from a single campaign?

If you want to send from multiple different people the easiest way is to create multiple campaigns, this way you can have different messages and even different ecard designs for different staff. If you use separate campaigns then whilst it will cost more, it is safer as you don’t need to change existing campaigns. Plus your email and eCard read stats will then be accurate for your campaign.

Alternatively you can just send a batch from your existing campaign and then upload a new email list (replace the old one) go to the EDIT EMAIL page and change the email sender details and send a new blast and repeat. However if you do it this way your stats will not be accurate. Any users that have not read the email or ecard before you upload the new lists will not be listed in the stats for the campaign.

Bear in mind these two rules:

  • If you change the EMAIL details (on the Edit Email page) then only future ecards you send will be affected (as this just changes the email header details such as sender, sender name, email subject etc).
  • If you change the actual ECARD details (on the Edit/Preview eCard page) then all ecards including all those previously sent, will be affected.

5. Why can't the animated eCards be sent in an email to my recipients?

It is not possible to embed or attach animated HTML5 files on emails. This is why we require a personalized email, with a link, to deliver your eCard.

6. How will I be charged?

You are charged based on the eCard design you select, along with the number of credits you purchase. Once you have logged in to your account and uploaded your recipient list, you'll be prompted to purchase enough credits to cover the number of recipients in your email list. Our system will automatically calculate how many recipients are in your list and advise the minimum credits you need to purchase. Also note that any eCard you purchase comes with 15 free credits.

7. What is considered a 'credit'?

A credit is considered an email send and/or a view of your eCard. A credit is considered a combination of an email send and a view of your eCard. When you send an email to a recipient a credit is deducted from your account. We log the number of views of your email and your eCard and compare it to the number of credits purchased in your campaign. If there is a significant discrepancy between the number of credits purchased and the number of email and/or eCard views then your account could be suspended and you will be required to purchase more credits for it to be reactivated. Please note this could mean users are not able to view the eCards you have sent so it is strongly recommended to purchase at least the number of credits as you have recipients in your list to ensure you have sufficient credits. If a significant discrepancy (as determined by is found between the purchased number of credits and the number of eCard views then you will be obligated to purchase credits to cover this difference. We monitor this manually so do the right thing and purchase an adequate number of credits to cover the number of recipients you’ll be sending to and there will be no problem. We will only de-activate accounts where there is obvious intentional abuse or if you are ignoring our request to top up your credits. By using our service you agree to these terms.

8. What is considered a 'view'?

A 'view' is a view of the eCard itself. If one recipient opens your eCard multiple times on the same computer it will only log one view. If one recipient opens your eCard on multiple different computers, or forward's the eCard to others then the additional views will be counted. From our experience the extra views on different computers or from ‘forwards’ are generally balanced out by ecards that are not viewed by some recipients so as long as you purchase at least the number of credits as you have recipients in your list, then there will not be a problem. This will ensure your campaign will have sufficient credits to cover all recipients plus a reasonable number of 'forwards'. Remember your credits never expire so any unused credits will still be in your account for next time.

9. What logo filetypes do you accept?

We accept .JPG, .GIF and .PNG file formats.

10. If I purchase an ecard do I have to also purchase credits?

All of our ecards campaigns come with 15 free credits, this allows you to begin sending ecards straight away. If you require more credits then you can purchase them at any time in the MY CAMPAIGNS page in your account.

11. Can I send the emails out using my own email program rather than using the eCards2go sending method?

Yes you can use your own email program if you prefer however you must still purchase the number of credits to cover the number of recipients you send to. A "credit" is a send of an email and/or a view of an ecard so even if you send the emails using your own program, it is still counted as using a credit per email sent. Our software flags users who send emails out separately and we manually deduct credits from your account periodically. If we find a case of obvious abuse (eg: you buy 10 credits and send 50 emails from your own email program), your account will be de-activated so as long as you play fair and purchase an adequate number of credits to cover recipients in your list there will be no disruption to your campaign.

If you do use a different email sending method we do not provide customer support for usage of your email program, it is your obligation to figure out how to do it and you’ll be limited by the constraints of your email program. For example Microsoft Outlook cannot personalize your emails "Dear <name>" en-masse, you’d need to send them one at a time to personalize or send out without personalization. Alternatively you can also use a 3rd party email marketing software application like Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor that will allow you more flexibility.

Bear in mind if you use our provided email blast system you can take advantage of easy personalization of name in the email and you can also have personalization in the animated ecard itself or even a fully custom message per recipient. Alternatively, if you opt to use your own email program then you will need to have a generic message in your animated ecard.

12. Can I post my ecard on Facebook or other social media?

Yes you can post your eCard on social media however you will need to ensure you have purchased sufficient credits to cover the number of views. A good way of ensuring your eCard views on social media don’t exceed your credits purchased is to purchase enough extra credits to cover the number of social media followers you have. For example, if you have 200 Facebook followers then you should purchase an extra 200 credits if you want to post your eCard on your Facebook wall. If you exceed your views you will need to purchase more credits in a timely manner. If you have more than 1,000 followers on your social media channel then it is recommended you consider an unlimited usage licence as it will likely be cheaper and you will not need to monitor views or top up your credits.

13. Can I purchase an 'unlimited usage' licence?

Yes you can purchase an unlimited usage licence that will allow unlimited views of your card without needing to purchase any credits. An unlimited usage licence is a good option if you wish to post your ecard on social media such as Facebook and you have a lot of followers. An unlimited usage licence can also be a good option if you wish to have multiple staff or departments needing to send out ecards and you don’t know how many sends/views your are likely to have. Unlimited usage also gives you the option of hosting the ecard on your own website domain name which is important for some companies. The terms for our unlimited usage licence are as follows:

  1. You must use your own email program to send your emails, our email blast system cannot be used for unlimited usage campaigns.
  2. It is suggested you host the ecard on your own webserver and we will provide the files and instructions for uploading. Alternatively we can host the ecard for you however there will be extra cost.

If you are interested in an unlimited usage licence please contact us for a quote. If you are unsure whether you require an unlimited licence just ask and we will advise the best solution for your needs.

14. What if I don't find an eCard I like?

If you don't find what you're looking for in our extensive eCard Collections, we'd be more than happy to design a custom eCard for you. Contact us for a custom eCard design quote.

15. Who designs your corporate eCards?

All our eCards have been designed by professional designers, illustrators and animators. This guarantees that you are receiving the best quality product to represent your brand and company.

16. Can I run an employee birthday eCard campaign and a client Christmas campaign at the same time?

Yes, you can run unlimited multiple campaigns from the one account simultaneously. Credits in your account are shared across all active campaigns.

17. How do I send out my eCards on different dates?

It's easy! Our system does all the hard work for you. Once you have selected a "Blast" or "Dates" campaign our system will provide you the email list template to use.

"Blast" campaigns will provide a button in your account that you can click to execute your campaign manually.

"Dates" campaigns can be either a designated "send date" in the future in which case the recipient will be sent their email on the specified date once only, or it can be a Date of Birth (DOB) in which case the the recipient will receive the email on their Birthday, every year. When you upload your CSV file you will have the option of choosing which date method your list contains.

18. Can I blast my entire campaign out on one particular date?

Yes, that's as easy as putting your selected date in the "Date" column against all names. All recipients will then receive your eCard on that particular date.

19. Can any of my recipients see who else is on my email list?

No. Emails are sent to each recipient one at a time and no recipient will be able to see any other recipient's email address.

20. If a recipient views my eCard on different browsers or devices will it read as unique views?

Yes. However we do allow a reasonable variance for this reason so as long as there is no obvious abuse there won't be a problem. This is why we manually monitor it, we can use humans rather than a computer program to make intuitive decisions based on each different campaign/account's merits. If you are honest and purchase the correct number of credits to cover the number of recipients in your list, then you have nothing to worry about.

21. Do I have to pay to be able to create and test my eCard campaign?

No. You can create a free account and as many individual eCard campaigns as you like, prior to paying. To can customize and test your eCard campaigns for free. You can also make unlimited edits and re-test unlimited times for free. You only need to pay when you are ready to activate and blast your campaign.

22. What is the email sender address?

You designate the email sender address. All email bounces and/or replies will be delivered to this email address.

23. How do I know if my emails have been received?

Statistics are available for all eCard campaigns. These include the number of email reads and the number of eCard views of your ecard, by date. You can also have a look at the 'Individual statistics' to see which individual recipients viewed your email and eCard, how many times they viewed them and the last viewed date. You can access statistics in the 'My Campaigns' section of your account and click on the statistics icon (the little graph icon).

24. Will I be notified when my credits are running out?

Yes, you will be advised when your credits run out. Please ensure your email address in your account is up to date so you receive these notification emails.

25. What happens when my credits run out?

Your campaign will stop sending out eCards when your credits run out. It is your responsibility to ensure your account always has sufficient credits to send to all your recipients.

26. Can the animated eCards be viewed on iPhones and iPads?

Yes. Our eCards have been developed in HTML5 format which is viewable on all modern devices and browsers including iPhones and iPads.

27. Do you retain my credit card details?

No. We do not retain any credit card details. Each time you are required to purchase additional credits, you'll be prompted to input your credit card details.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us directly.


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