Get Started

Getting started with your eCard campaign is easy. All the steps are outlined below and if you have any questions our friendly customer service staff are always available to help you.

1. Create your Account

Create and log in to your account to access and control your eCard campaign or multiple eCard campaigns.

2. Select your business eCard

Choose an animated eCard from our comprehensive eCard Collections. All ecard purchases come with 15 free credits. If you're looking for something unique then contact us and we'd be more than happy to quote on a custom designed eCard for you.

3. Customize your eCard

Upload your logo and write the message you'd like to include on your eCard. Your logo and message will appear within the animation itself. You can dynamically add the recipient's name to your eCard message or even have a unique message for every individual recipient! You can also add a link to the text and logo in your ecard to link to a website, landing page, form or any other type of document on the web. Lastly, select the music for your eCard. At this stage you have the ability to preview your eCard prior to sending it out, so you can go back and make as many changes as necessary until it's perfect.

Recipients will initially receive a personalised email. The email displays a brief message and image of your eCard to encourage recipients to click to view your eCard in a web browser. Your personalised email message is also entered at this stage as well as specifying the sender name, sender email address and the subject subject. It is not possible to email animated HTML5 files which is why we require a personalised email to deliver your eCard.

4. Test your eCard

Once your eCard and email are both customized and ready you have the option of sending a live test so you can see how the email and eCard will look to your recipients. After completing this step your campaign's eCard and email settings will be saved in your account's MY CAMPAIGNS page allowing you to continue testing and tweaking.

5. Finalize your Recipients

Create and upload your recipient email list. This is simply a .CSV file that contains a column each for Name, Email Address, Email Date and optionally, Custom Message. Email Date is the date you wish that person to receive their ecard (it might be their birthday or a club renewal date).

To make things easy there is an Email List Template you can download during the process, as well as detailed instructions on how to specify dates and custom messages.

6. Set your Campaign Budget

Select how many credits you wish to purchase for your campaign. A credit is an email send and/or an eCard view. For more detailed information on what is considered a credit and an eCard view, please see our FAQs page. View our Pricing page for more information.

7. Activate your Campaign

Once you have paid your campaign is activated by default. If you selected the 'Dates Mode' then your ecards will begin sending on the designated dates. If you selected 'Blast Mode', when you are ready to blast your campaign out you simply click the 'Blast Now' button in the 'My Campaigns' section of your account. While your campaign is active, additional recipients can be added to your list at any time and you can also upload a brand new recipient list if required.

Within your account you have the ability to change the message text, logo and music for your eCard and email at any time. You can also perform unlimited live tests to ensure you're 100% happy with everything. Our system is flexible and gives you complete control of your active campaign at all times.

How to blast your eCard campaign

Business eCardsSET AND FORGET

By entering a date in the "Email" column of your email list, this date indicates the date you wish that person to receive their eCard. It can be either a Date Of Birth (DOB) or a future Scheduled date. There are detailed instructions on the upload email list page during the process.

Once your campaign is live, our system will cross-reference your customer list with their unique email date and send your personalised eCard to any recipients marked for that date.

It's automatic which means that once you've set your campaign up, you won't have to worry about a thing!

Business eCardsBLAST NOW

Alternatively when uploading your email list you can select the "Blast Now" mode which allows you to send out your entire campaign in one go, at any time, with the click of a button.

Our system gives you complete control over how you blast your eCard campaign out.


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