Twitter Marketing Ideas for your Brand

Twitter marketing ideas for your brand

Just about everyone on the planet understands the power of social media marketing and how it can be leveraged to help increase brand awareness in the digital space. One of the most popular social media channels is Twitter (even Obama now has an account) and there are a whole host of Twitter marketing ideas available online, which you can include in your small business marketing campaigns.

There is however, a right way and a wrong way to promote your brand on Twitter. The wrong way is to ignore the promotional opportunities that Twitter cover photos give to your business. The right way is to leverage this opportunity and to not only present a cohesive brand image to your audience, but to also start the engagement process as soon as they view your Twitter account.

So here are a collection of fabulous, awesome and inspiring Twitter cover photos and why every single one of them perfectly reflects their brand and their marketing goals.

Twitter marketing ideas for your brand


Chevron on Twitter

Chevron is in the oil and gas industry and is not always on top of the environmentalists ‘favourite people’ list. So having a handle on Twitter marketing ideas, Chevron has used their cover photo to promote an image of being more than just an energy company. Their cover photo portrays a global array of people of different ages and from different cultures, all of which is meant to portray Chevron as a compassionate and caring company.

Twitter marketing ideas for your brand


Trip Advisor on Twitter

Trip Advisor is a well-known website that provides customer reviews of travel related content, such as holidays, destinations, restaurants, hot spots, trends, things to do on holidays and lots and lots more. They really understand the nuances involved in social media marketing, because their Twitter cover photo reflects their business message perfectly. What makes this image even more effective is that right in centre they have a traveller’s review – which effortlessly highlights their brand message.

Twitter marketing ideas for your brand


Target on Twitter

We all recognise Target’s logo, but you can see that they have played with this design in their cover photo. Their Twitter marketing ideas have been very clever however, because we instinctively realise that their logo is not quite right and it is this difference that helps to embed their branding message more deeply into our subconscious. It is simply a play on their logo design, but it is really done well.

Twitter marketing ideas for your brand


QANTAS on Twitter

Increasing prices, reducing flights and laying off employees has given Qantas a bad rap lately. So to counter this negative image, their foray into the social media marketing world includes a Twitter cover photo that not only clearly identifies them as an airline, but also as a caring and people orientated company. This is nicely achieved by including the prominent quote from a Qantas Captain.

Twitter marketing ideas for your brand


Taco Bell on Twitter

The Twitter cover photo for Taco Bell is very simple, but at the same time is trendy, colourful and clearly reflects their merchandise. Taco Bell are all about affordable fast food and this is the theme of their cover photo, which does a very good job of conveying their branding message to customers.

Twitter marketing ideas for your brand


Rio Tinto on Twitter

This company is one of Australia’s major mining and processing enterprises and is one of the backbones of the industry. To offset any negative environmental connotations of being in the mineral resources industry, Rio Tinto could have taken any number of stances with their cover photo. Leveraging Twitter marketing ideas however, they have presented an image that truly reflects their industry, but which highlights their employees rather than their mining operations.

Twitter marketing ideas for your brand


McDonalds on Twitter

Instead of trying to focus on healthy eating options, as they have in the past few years, McDonalds seems to have reverted back to their original branding message. This bright and colourful image of freshly cooked fries is very simple and exemplifies what McDonalds are all about – fast food with no apologies. Being true to your brand is just as essential in small business marketing, as it is to large commercial enterprises.

Twitter marketing ideas for your brand


Vodafone on Twitter

Vodafone are all about mobile communications and with the massive increase in mobile device usage over the past few years, there was no question about the images that would best reflect their brand. Their Twitter cover photo is very simple and clean, the colours play off their logo and they clearly demonstrate their business – mobile communications for on-the-go, busy people. This is a very repeatable concept in social media marketing that can be easily taken on board by small businesses.

Twitter marketing ideas for your brand


John Deere on Twitter

As manufacturers of agricultural, construction and forestry equipment (think tractors), John Deere have a very simple, but truly effective Twitter cover photo. It can’t get much simpler than a man driving a tractor, however the entire photo gives the impression of reliability, toughness, growth and a job well done – all of which reflects the John Deere marketing message.

Twitter marketing ideas for your brand


Lego on Twitter

They could have used so many different Twitter cover photos with lots of awesome Lego creations, but instead Lego went with a simple close-up of a piece of Lego! The reason that this approach works so well is because the primary colours of the photo reflect the KFC brand and the sharpness of the close-up is visually interesting. These are both factors that can easily be included in any small business marketing campaign.

Twitter marketing ideas for your brand


KFC on Twitter

Another very simple Twitter cover photo from a leading fast food industry giant. This red and white striped image clearly reflects the KFC branding logo, which is very minimalist. They could have floated images of fried chicken and burgers or people enjoying their products, instead they stuck to simple – which works so well. Simplicity is sometimes the best way to leverage Twitter marketing ideas.

Twitter marketing ideas for your brand


Barack Obama on Twitter

No list of awesome Twitter cover photos would be complete without the brand new site from Barack Obama. Obviously he has access to the very best social media marketing gurus and it shows, because this image clearly identifies the American President as a man who is loved by all Americans, both old and young and from a wealth of different cultures.

Twitter marketing ideas for your brand


eCards2go on Twitter

We couldn't leave ourselves off this awesome list! We've chosen a simple image that reflects exactly what we do. It's a simple yet effective way to communicate our product. We believe the quality of our business eCards speak for themselves so this image is the perfect representation for our company on Twitter.

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