UK Businesses Are Making the Switch to Corporate Christmas eCards

Many UK businesses have stopped sending out paper Christmas cards, opting instead to send out corporate eCards. Corporate Christmas eCards in the UK are becoming more popular each year for a number of reasons. Here are 3 reasons UK businesses are making the switch, and why you should too.

People Check Their Emails

Gone are the days when people actually check through their mail. There's just too much junk that comes through, so Christmas cards can often go straight into the bin. With an eCard, that's not as likely to happen. People check their emails on the go and are more inclined to open an email to see what it's about. Corporate Christmas eCards just make more sense when you consider that.

eCards Cost Less to Send

Sending a Christmas eCard to loyal customers and employees is great for business. You stay in the minds of individuals and they love the fact that they've been remembered by you. The problem with paper Christmas cards is the cost, especially if people aren't even going to read them! Corporate eCards are cheaper to distribute to all your contacts (not to mention much faster!) and are guaranteed to cost much less than sending paper Christmas cards to the same number of contacts as you don't have to pay for postage. In the UK, sending corporate eCards via email is a more cost-effective solution.

Add Incentives to your eCards

Your corporate Christmas eCards can support other marketing campaigns. By including a discount code with the eCard message, it will encourage people to buy from you in the New Year. When they see a discount code in an eCard they can simply keep the email for future use. As online shopping becomes more popular each year, a discount code sent via email is a great alternative to providing a paper voucher as these are more likely to get lost or thrown out.

Now is the time to start thinking about your business Christmas greetings. Will you stick with the tired old tradition of sending a paper card through the mail? By giving Christmas eCards a try you'll soon discover why more and more businesses in the UK are turning to digital eCards. There are plenty of benefits so try it out for yourself and find out why UK businesses are making the switch this Christmas.

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