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Market leaders in HTML5 animated business eCards

We were the first business eCard provider to use HTML5 animation technology for our business eCards when we launched in 2012.

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Free Christmas Desktop Wallpapers

We love designing our own desktop wallpapers so we thought we'd share some of our favorites with you to help you get into the festive mood for Christmas. We hope you enjoy using them!

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UK Businesses Are Making the Switch to Corporate Christmas eCards

Many UK businesses have stopped sending out paper Christmas cards, opting instead to send out corporate eCards. Corporate Christmas eCards in the UK are becoming more popular each year for a number of reasons.

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Struggling to write your business holiday eCard message? Here are 37 sample eCard greetings to get you out of trouble!

Creating holiday eCard greetings that sound professional, yet are both personalized and appropriate can be difficult and time consuming.

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Why You Should Send Business eCards this Christmas

Finding unique ways to market your business can be a constant struggle for business owners. Visual messages have the most direct and immediate impact so sending a marketing email with an eye-catching eCard is a great strategy.

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Twitter Marketing Ideas for your Brand

Just about everyone on the planet understands the power of social media marketing and how it can be leveraged to help increase brand awareness in the digital space. One of the most popular social media channels is Twitter - here are a whole host of Twitter marketing ideas you can include in your small business marketing campaigns.

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9 tips for marketing your business on a shoestring budget

In today’s financial climate, business marketing is more important than ever. We see so many small businesses closing their doors, because they just can’t turnover enough profits to keep themselves afloat.

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Business eCards - Marketing For All Businesses?

All types of businesses embracing eCard marketing during the holiday season as a way to generate goodwill and increase brand awareness. Animated eCards that have been created especially for business use are creative, professional and engaging to provide a memorable user experience.

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Use Email Marketing To Grow Your Business

Email marketing for business growth is a popular strategy that many companies use to increase their customer base and their contacts. Yet despite the growing interest in email marketing, there are still a lot of businesses that are not really sure how this strategy fits into their marketing.

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